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CORE Registration

We have a couple seats remaining for LATE SUMMER (Starting July 19)

CORE Program Registration Form

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CORE Program Terms and Policies

Classes are typically held Monday through Friday, with the exception of off days for holidays and field trips. Occasional weekend classes may be held in the event of holidays, guest speakers, or makeup classes. Clock hours total 192.

Tuition for the CORE Program is $3575. We have a $115 administration fee, and Book and Material Fees are $110. These fees are not subject to any increase during the period of scheduled attendance.

For those students who choose to stay in Recording Workshop Housing, rental rates range from $80 to $200 per week.
All tuition payments, housing, and miscellaneous fees must be paid in full before the start of classes.

All payments are 100% transferrable to attend another session up until the start of classes. All payments are fully refundable, minus the administration
fee, up to the start of classes, provided notification is given to Registrar’s Office by 11am the first day of classes.

Students who withdraw after partially completing their training are refunded their tuition less a charge of 5% per day. No refunds are given after the completion of one half of any Recording Workshop program.

Students who withdraw from classes due to personal illness or emergency may, with administrative approval, return at a future session to complete their training with no additional tuition charge.

Students must obey all local and state laws and are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner. Recording Workshop reserves the right to terminate the enrollment of any student guilty of disruptive behavior or willful destruction of Recording Workshop property.

Students are required to speak and read English at a high-school level and perform basic arithmetic.

Students with special needs that could prevent the use of this training for successful workplace performance must discuss this condition with the Director’s office prior to enrollment.

Graduates of this program receive Recording Workshop CORE Program Certification. If a student misses more than 20% of scheduled class hours, or if their final evaluation is more than 20% below the class average, this Certification will not be awarded. Recent graduation rates for this program are 97.2% (2017), 97.8% (2016), 98.9% (2015).

The employability of a graduate depends on a variety of factors. Recording Workshop does not guarantee employment. Job placement assistance will favor those graduates with higher performance evaluations. Recent placement rates for this program are 80.6% (2019), 84.4% (2018), 81.0% (2017). These rates include graduates securing employment with or without school assistance and exclude graduates unavailable for placement.

In addition to directing complaints to Recording Workshop offices, students may direct such concerns to the State Board of Career College and Schools, 30 East Broad St, Suite 2481, Columbus, OH, 877-275-4219. Registration #: 80-07-0696T.

This agreement becomes effective upon acceptance by Recording Workshop. The student retains the right to cancel this agreement within five days of Recording Workshop acceptance signing.

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