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Record, Mix & Produce Music at a professional level - This is the goal of training at Recording Workshop.

Recording Workshop teaches the skills needed to start a career as an audio recording engineer, music producer or live sound engineer. These same skills are also vital for someone who wants to create their own music with full artistic control over how things will sound.

Our training is designed to accommodate students from a wide variety of backgrounds - musician or non-musician, those who already own a project studio or those who have never been in a studio before. Recording Workshop is ready to elevate the goals of anyone with a sincere passion to learn the recording arts.

Our approach is very immersive and hands-on. Students spend more than 7 hours per day, 5 days per week actively learning creative studio skills.

This concentrated approach lets the entire curriculum be completed in less than two months. It is time-tested and proven to be a superior way to prepare new music production professionals.

Since 1977, students from over 70 countries have traveled to our campus to participate in the unique programs we offer.

Our studios are equipped with the latest digital production technologies and the best of "old-school" analog. Our staff has deep expertise in guiding students in the engineering and production of all popular genres of music.

Across the country and around the world, Recording Workshop graduates have worked with many of today’s biggest artists. Thousands of our grads are working behind the scenes on movies, television shows and in just about any situation that needs skilled audio professionals.

Hello from Recording Workshop and here's a March 31st update...

We finished our "shelter-in-place" Week 5 of our CORE Program last week with an excellent group of students that adapted with us to working in small groups, and without outside bands coming in for tracking. LOTS more internal "student band/artist" tracking let everyone get their studio projects finished.

Our Early Spring ADVANCED Program would have started yesterday, but we have cancelled this because it relies heavily on lots of tracking sessions with outside bands, and this would be beyond the scope of any internal student bands.

Starting today (Tuesday, March 31), all of our office staff is working from home and our facilities are closed to the public for any tours or other activities. Our office crew is monitoring all communications (voice, text, email) for ongoing assistance, voice/text: 740-835-4455, email:

Our Late Spring CORE Program scheduled to start on April 13th will either have a delayed start (April 20th? or later??) or be skipped and its students joining us for a CORE session later in the year. If we do just have a delayed start for the Late Spring CORE session, there would some weekend classes to catch up for the delayed days and we would still end the session on schedule.

Take care one & all. Music can help support the heart & mind as we endure this situation.

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Recording Workshop Grad News


Parachute has a new self-titled album produced and mixed by Recording Workshop grad extraordinaire Jacquire King. Recorded at The LBT, which is Jacquire's recently launched studio in Nashville.
Over the last few years, Jacquire’s studio talents have shaped the recordings of artists such as Cold War Kids, James Bay, Ingrid Michaelson and Shawn Mendes.
His career extends deeply to also include engineering and mixing highly-acclaimed albums for Tom Waits, Norah Jones, Kings of Leon, Switchfoot and many, MANY more...

311 Voyager

311 has a new album Voyager and once again the band has Recording Workshop grad Scott "Scotch" Ralston sitting in the producer's chair. Scotch has handled production duties for 311 going back to 90's, and has engineered and mixed for the band as well.
Other artists that Scotch has worked with in the studio over the years include The Lemonheads, Anthrax, No Doubt and Rod Stewart.

In less than two months, Recording Workshop students get more studio experience than students attending other schools that are much longer and much more expensive.

Our programs start from square one, yet for students with background, our training is challenging and beneficial. Recording Workshop is a very efficient way to fill in gaps for the professional who is self-taught.

Convenient, low-cost housing is available on campus within a short walk of all classes.

College credit is available. For students working towards a degree, Recording Workshop is an excellent supplement to classroom education.

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