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Recording Workshop Campus

Our campus is a big factor in what makes attending Recording Workshop a special experience.

RECW Campus

Great studios, lab, and lecture facilities are surrounded by affordable student housing. This lets us create a very efficient schedule that maximizes learning time per day. Plus it's just an excellent place to be - immersed 24/7 within a musically creative community.

Our studios are designed and equipped to prepare Recording Workshop students for music production as it is practiced in successful facilities worldwide.

Music creation is more collaborative and mobile than ever before. Recording Workshop students live this new reality as they create their mix portfolios. We have great workflow between our different studios, allowing projects to move smoothly from room to room.

RECW Studios
RECW Studios

Recording Workshop Studios

RECW Studios

Studio A

Designed by noted studio architect John Storyk, this room is optimized for music tracking and mixing at a very high standard.

Analog and digital technologies are both well-represented. Sessions can be kept “old-school” with a classic combination of an MCI 600 series console feeding an MCI JH-24 2” analog tape machine. The warmth of this analog console can also be fed to a Pro Tools HD 11 system for the benefits of digital editing and more complex mixing. The blending of analog and digital extends to signal processing too. Full racks of analog outboard gear are close at hand, as are an extensive menu of Pro Tools plugins.

On the performance side of the glass, Studio A has wonderful acoustics that offer a flexible combination of live zones and isolated areas. A beautiful Yamaha grand piano is ready for players, as is a huge assortment of microphones.

Studio C

This room is also optimized for both music tracking and mixing, but in contrast to Studio A’s analog options, Studio C goes cutting-edge digital. A Slate Digital RAVEN touchscreen controller is coupled with a Pro Tools HD 11 system. Universal Audio Apollo provides conversion, and their acclaimed DSP-powered plug-ins are another creative feature.

Studios B & D

These two studios are adjunct production/mixing rooms for Studios A & C. Any project started in the larger rooms can be further developed and mixed in these smaller studios. In addition to Pro Tools, Studios B & D have Logic Pro X software installed as a creative option. Some class projects are better tackled in a DAW environment that offers more composing tools.

Studio E

Sound for film/video is the specialty of this Recording Workshop studio. The popular combination of an Avid ICON board with a Pro Tools HD rig are the main components. Surround-sound monitoring is another speciality feature, along with a foley pit.


Outside of session work in the studios, Recording Workshop students have a series of editing projects in a 6-station Pro Tools lab.

Student Housing

We offer clean, safe housing that is within a very short walk to all of our studios.

Options include modern cabins shared by 4 to 6 students, and dorm-style houses with single or double room assignments. All are air-conditioned and have kitchen/bath facilities. Cookware and utensils are provided, but students are responsible for their own meal preparation, housekeeping, and bed linens.

A convenience store and laundry facilities are within easy walking distance.

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the Recording Workshop campus.

RECW Student Housing
RECW Student Housing
RECW Student Housing
RECW Student Housing

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