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Recording Workshop is the music recording and audio production school that sets the industry standard for an intensely creative learning experience.

Founded in 1977, students from over 70 countries have traveled to RECW to take part in the unique training we offer.

EXTREMELY hands-on and focused tightly on the skills that truly matter, Recording Workshop is the smart move for anyone seeking to make a career in music recording and audio production.
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The training programs we offer are without equal. Our instructors are gifted in their ability to communicate their talents. Our curriculum is an incredible feast of new information and hands-on experience, taught in such an efficient and logical manner that you can complete it all in less than 2 months, with or without any previous experience. Your decision to attend RECW Recording Workshop can be a vital turning point in achieving your career goals. We provide our students with the best value in audio education available anywhere.
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We can teach you the skills needed to start a career as an audio recording engineer, skills that are also fundamental to start work as a live sound engineer or record producer, skills that can empower someone who wants to produce and record their own music with full creative control.
RECW curriculum is designed to accommodate students from a wide variety of backgrounds, musicians or non-musicians, those who already own a project studio or those who have never been in a studio, younger students just out of high school or someone with a touch of grey seeking a change in life. Recording Workshop is ready to help anyone with a sincere desire and dedication to learn.
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Recording Workshop is a world leader in preparing new professionals for the music recording industry. We pioneered education in this creative field. Yet even as our reputation has grown worldwide, our attention remains focused on the individual student’s needs. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere you’ll find at our school stems from our sincere desire to help each student succeed.
And succeed they do. Across the country and around the world, in the studio and on the road, RECW graduates have worked on projects for many of today’s biggest artists. And thousands of our grads are working behind the scenes on movies, television shows and in just about any situation that needs skilled audio professionals.
Our primary educational goal is to teach the creative operation of professional audio recording equipment. The training programs we offer feature expert lectures and progressive daily studio activities, with the biggest emphasis on the studio experience. This is the cornerstone to our style of training. Right from the first day of classes, RECW students are in the control rooms learning their craft. Nothing beats pushing a fader, turning a knob and hearing what comes out the other end.
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RECW grad Taylor Mann recently started as an assistant engineer at Bear Creek Studio in Woodinville, Washington. In addition to having a fantastic studio in their main building, they’ve added an additional studio in one of their trees… Really!

Vance Joy recorded his debut album “Dream Your Life Away” in Bear Creek’s main studio, and he returned late in 2014 to record an acoustic version of his single “Mess is Mine” in the Treehouse. Vance Joy is currently touring as an opening act for Taylor Swift.

Bear Creek has had an impressive list of clients over the past 30 years… Eric Clapton, Soundgarden, Foo Fighters, The Lumineers, Brandi Carlile, Train… to name just a few.

Beyond our primary goal of equipment operation, we have other key areas of learning. Being successful in the studio requires more than just knowing the right button to push. We assure that RECW Recording Workshop students also understand smooth production workflow. And we help our students develop effective methods of dealing with the human factor in the studio. And ultimately, we nurture keen listening skills, fine-tuned to recognize technical and aesthetic concerns.
There is even more we pass on to our students. Our lecture series presents the big landscape of audio engineering beyond the recording process. And a sizable chunk of lecture time is spent on an overview of the music business, delving into such topics as studio management, record label and music publishing deals, copyright procedures, artist management and more.
  • Our programs start from square one, yet for those students with some background, our training is challenging and beneficial. RECW is a very efficient way to fill in gaps for the professional who is self-taught.
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  • We excel at maximizing the amount of hands-on training we provide each student. In less than two months, RECW students get more practical studio experience than students attending some other schools with programs that are much longer and much more expensive.
  • Each Recording Workshop session creates its own incredible culture. Our students have come from every US state and more than 70 countries
  • The training is intensive, but classes are taught in a relaxed and friendly manner. In our studios, students work in small teams of 3 or 6.
  • Our teaching staff is dedicated to making education at RECW unsurpassed. This talented group demonstrates superior engineering skills, clear communication abilities and a sincere concern for the student.
  • RECW provides excellent training facilities. Our studios are smartly equipped with the gear most likely to be used by students after graduation.
  • Convenient, low-cost housing is available on campus, within a short walk of all classes. Having a car is helpful but not necessary.
  • No-risk registration procedures. Recording Workshop maintains a 100% tuition refund policy up to the start of classes for all of its programs.
  • College Credit is available for RECW training. For those students working towards a degree in music/communications, RECW is an excellent studio supplement to classroom education. Such an arrangement is formally structured between Recording Workshop and the Capital University Conservatory of Music. Participating students can earn a Bachelor of Arts in Music/Commercial Music Degree with Recording Workshop supplying up to 12 semester hours of credit.
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RECW grads get a major boost in career readiness. A rock-solid foundation of audio production skills, knowledge and studio experience is the primary benefit. Building upon this foundation in the "real-world" is where the value of attending RECW can prove to be life changing.

Many grads apply their training towards studio employment. They are well-prepped and qualified for a variety of entry points into the industry. Working for a music recording studio is a high-profile example, but our grads are also behind the boards at studios that specialize in production work for television, film, advertising, corporate presentation, education, game development and more. Our grads are working in virtually any situation where music or audio is a production component.

Live sound is another job path. The RECW curriculum is designed with core skills and knowledge that readily apply to sound reinforcement. Our graduates are riding the faders in clubs, concert halls, theaters, churches, convention centers, cruise ships and theme parks on all parts of planet earth.

Self-employment is the immediate game plan for more and more Recording Workshop grads. New technologies have made this idea more practical and possible than ever before. Purchasing equipment capable of professional results takes just a fraction of the money it once required. The training we offer is the perfect on-ramp for this career path. A RECW education can insure smart gear selection, proper installation/setup, good studio practices, and smooth interaction with clients.

Many Recording Workshop participants are creative artists and musicians. These grads apply their training towards the production of their own music, or the music of others. The RECW experience helps these students explore new sonic possibilities, and also empowers them to stay true to their own musical ideas. And with our expanded lecture series, these students are broadly prepared for guiding their artistic careers through the complexities of the fast-changing music business.
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